We proudly respect our tradition.
Our distillery is Piedmont Artisan Excellence

Our History

We were born in 1890, a few years after Italy was born too, under the sun of Castelnuovo Don Bosco, in one the most famous italian wine-producing areas, between Turin and Monferrato. We sink our roots in an inestimable heritage of recipes, secrets and precious knowledge that have been handed down for four generations and that challenge the passage of time while keeping their value intact.

“The characteristics of certain Piedmontese herbs are specific to this part of the world. Our distillery has been producing spirits in these lands for more than one hundred years”

Rooted in the territory

To the production of grappa of the early years we soon added that of high quality liqueurs and distillates, merging our history with our future. We work in symbiosis with the territory, respecting the raw materials that it gives us and strictly following the rules that protect it. This is the reason why, since 2018, we are certified as an organic distillery.

What we believe in

We believe that the story of every liquor is written by territory, raw materials, time and space. We believe that the art of the distiller is to be able tell this story by looking for the perfect combination of aromas and sensations.

We believe in time, our secret ingredient. We believe in patience and rest, one of the most important aspects that brings the product to a higher level of quality. 

We believe in craftsmanship. We look for excellence among raw materials and we work them by hand to preserve all the properties they have. We strongly believe in tradition and in what it teaches us, day after day.

Carlo Quaglia

I am Carlo Quaglia, owner, CEO and master distiller. My experience comes from the deep respect for my territory, raw materials and the history of a centuries-old trade. While keeping a constant balance between curiosity and tradition, I work with natural ingredients that have their roots in our unique terroir and select only the best from other countries.