A homage to environment and terroir


A homage to environment
and terroir

Elixir is nature

Organic and handcrafted liqueurs

Elixir is our collection of organic Italian liqueurs coming from the love for raw materials, the respect for nature and the territory and the need to pay homage to what it offers us. We carefully select a few simple ingredients – such as organic alcohol, organic sugar, organic fruit and spices – we treat with artisan methods that preserve their organoleptic properties and bring them to you in their purest version.

Sustainable production

Fragrant Italian lemons infused in high quality alcohol, sweet and bitter oranges, genepy of the Lanzo Valleys, absinthe, gentian, mint, anise and a corollary of precious spices. Flavors, aromas and perfumes that speak about the territory and a packaging that respects the environment. This is the meaning we give to sustainable production.

Elixir loves nature

Elixir comes from conscious choices we make in order to protect the environment, even with our packaging. 100% recyclable and biodegradable Sardinian cork, light glass bottles that reduce energy consumption and emissions, ecological paper produced without chlorine and acid that respect forests and water. Elixir loves nature.