Alpine liquors

Great classics

of mountain tradition

Alpine Liquors

Great classics

of mountain tradition

A glass of territory

Handcrafted Alpine Liqueurs

Genepy, Genziana and Timo Serpillo: the greatest classics of the Piedmontese Alpine tradition that our distillery has been following for over a century. We protect and grow the herbs that our mountains offer us and we work them with care to enclose the oldest herbal tradition in our alpine liqueurs.

The mountains of Balme: a Piedmontese tradition

In the uncontaminated and perfectly sunny areas of the Piedmontese territory of Balme, in the Lanzo Valleys, the Quaglia family grows high quality raw materials. From the infusion of the small seedlings we collect, we obtain these excellent handcrafted alpine liquors.

A glass of Alps

Taste the intensity of Artemisia in our Genepy, the unique aroma of our Genziana, the spicy and slightly fruity hints of Timo Serpillo. Breathe in the scents of the valleys. Serve them at room temperature and enjoy them after a meal to live the most typical alpine tradition.