Rose Rosolio liquor

From the latin phrase Ros solis, meaning dew of the sun, our Italian Renaissance liquor par excellence belongs to the most typical Piedmontese tradition offering floral notes and a delicate and elegant flavour. It is made from the infusion of rose petals according to the sixteenth century Italian tradition. Our Rosolio Rosa retains all the delicacy and aromaticity of the flowers and it can be consumed at any time of the day as it used to be in the past, or at the end of a meal, possibly cold.

50 cl
20% ABV

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  • 13.00

    Letteralmente Ros solis: “rugiada di sole”. Appartiene alla tradizione piemontese più tipica e regala inconfondibili note floreali e un sapore delicato ed elegante. È realizzato rispettando la tradizione italiana che continua dal Cinquecento e caratterizzato dalle note floreali dolci, delicate e tipicamente aromatiche delle violette. Può essere consumato a qualsiasi…

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    Very fine and fragrant rose liquor made with steam distilled buds. The rose water and essential oil produced during the process come together to release the typical sweetness and scent of this flower. Pale pink, it releases an intense floral fragrance that anticipates a sweet and balanced taste.

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    The violet liquor has its origins in a time when country women used to collect and dry small spring flowers in Piedmont. Today these elegant perfumes meet in a product with unmistakable floral notes that recalls the ancient syrups.

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