Chinotto liquor

Delicious, elegant and unique Chinotto liquor that comes from the long infusion of fresh oranges from Riviera Ligure, processed by hand immediately after harvesting. With an amber and shiny colour and a fragrance of vanilla and rhubarb, this liquor has a moderately bitter flavour characterized by light notes of dandelion and orange blossom.

35% ABV

Chinotto Collins

50 ml liquore al chinotto Quaglia
25 ml succo di limone fresco
10 ml sciroppo di glucosio
soda | ghiaccio

bicchiere: collins
metodo: build
decorazione: fetta d’arancia

Chinotto Collins

50 ml Quaglia chinotto liquor
25 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml glucose syrup
soda | ice

glass: collins
method: build
decoration: slice of orange

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